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Natural Turf

If you're looking for a lush and vibrant lawn in Central Florida, you might be wondering whether natural turf or artificial grass is the way to go. While artificial turf might seem like a low-maintenance option, there are several reasons why natural turf is a better choice for your lawn. ​ Firstly, natural turf is much more environmentally friendly than artificial turf. Natural turf helps to filter the air and reduce pollution, while also providing important habitats for birds, insects, and other wildlife. In contrast, artificial turf is made from plastic and other synthetic materials that do not biodegrade and can harm the environment in the long run. ​ Another reason why natural turf is important in Central Florida is that it helps to regulate the temperature and reduce heat island effects. The intense heat of the Florida sun can make it difficult to maintain a lush lawn, but natural turf has a cooling effect that can help to keep your lawn comfortable and enjoyable throughout the year. This is especially important in areas where trees and other natural vegetation have been cleared for development, leading to increased temperatures and decreased air quality.

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